FlyData for Amazon Redshift

Automatically upload data to Amazon Redshift

What is FlyData?

Through a partnership with FlyData Inc., UpSwell offers this Redshift solution― one of few such services worldwide.
FlyData is a service for automatically and continuously uploading large amounts of data to Amazon Redshift. After setting up the FlyData module on your server, log data is automatically and continuously uploaded. After that, FlyData takes care of the rest. Also, FlyData provides a secure dashboard where uploaded data can be safely downloaded, allowing you to obtain any specific set of data.

Check out this video introduction!

Features of FlyData

  • Simple Installation

    Install and run the module via a single-line command

  • Supports JSON

    FlyData supports the JSON format, which is not supported by Redshift

  • Automatic and continuous

    Data is automatically sent to Redshift every 5 minutes (configurable). Analyze your most recent data.

  • Reliably collect logs

    FlyData transmits data safely and securely. No need to waste time for an network issues.

Usage Diagram

Data is sent continuously to the FlyData log collection server, so data is not lost