Multi-Cloud Monitoring

Swell Cloud - Multi-Cloud Monitoring” is a service that allows the monitoring of multiple cloud computing environments and multiple data centers via a centralized monitoring tool.

We provide a unified monitoring system that supports the continued success of your business through the prevention and early detection of problems, from a collection of cloud servers operating in a single cloud environment, to a collection of cloud servers with multiple environments experiencing data center or network failures.

By continuously monitoring various server resources (CPU, memory, etc.), process creation and termination (HTTP, SMTP, etc.), network port openings and closings(TCP 80. TCP 25, etc.), notifications via e-mail will be sent to the appropriate person in charge.

Have you ever experienced these issues while utilizing the cloud?

  • “I would like to try various different cloud environments, but creating a new monitoring system every time is costly.”
  • “I am utilizing many different cloud environments, but the mechanism of monitoring each type is different.”
  • “I can set up a cloud server within minutes, but setting the monitoring configuration takes forever by contrast.”
We solve these annoyances by offering our experience and know-how, gained from managing services like Akinator and WaZapp, in our Multi-Cloud Monitoring service.

Features of Multi-Cloud Monitoring

  • Multiple cloud environments monitoring via a single monitoring tool
  • Resource status graphs, process creation and termination, and open and closed port monitoring
  • Resource status graph accessible via your own specialized monitoring page
  • E-mail notifications upon detection of failure
  • Installation of other monitoring agents is unnecessary (for example, using SNMP)
  • Flexible monitoring configurations
  • Keep the same monitoring environment even if the server environment is changed

Benefits of Multi-Cloud Monitoring

  • Possible to check the resource status graph of multiple cloud environments at any time in a single location
  • Planning server expansion or reduction is easy
  • No need to change any build or configuration settings after an expansion of the server
  • No need to install special monitoring agents to the server (If more advanced monitoring is required, it may be necessary to install a monitoring agent of our selection)
  • We support many cloud computing environment, you can move your environment easly.
Server Resource Monitoring
Service Monitoring
Alert mail is sent when certain thresholds are met and when process die

Monitoring server features

OS Linux-based OS *1
Monitoring Agent SNMPD *2
Resource Monitoring CPU Load Average, CPU Usage, Network Traffic, Disk Usage, Disk I/O *3
Process Monitoring httpd,sshd,snmpd,mysqld *3
Port Monitoring TCP、UDP Port(Open/Close、Response time)
Others Apache Server-Status(Request Count, Idle Process Count, Busy Process Count) *4
Firewall Open UDP/161-162 from the Monitoring System ※2
  • *1 We are planning to gradually expand the number of supported OSes.
  • *2 We can provide special monitoring agent to get further detailed monitoring.
  • *3 Please contact us for information on other process monitoring.
  • *4 Please contact us for information on other available monitoring.