Amazon Redshift Consulting Service

For services utilizing information technology, potential applications are expanding, complexity is increasing, and the volume of data flowing through these services is rising. Being able to consolidate this data, analyze it, and quickly discover useful information for customers and for creating new business opportunities is becoming an increasingly important factor for businesses.

“Amazon Redshift Consulting Service” is a consulting service that introduces clients who are facing challenges due to the time and server costs associated with the data processing of enormous access and application logs generated in the range of TB (Terabytes) to PT (Petabytes) per month to the design and implementation of Redshift, and other related technologies. After discussing the client’s system configuration and challenges they are facing, we offer validation with Redshift and its related technologies (optimum data format, the continuous transmission of data to Redshift, etc.), set up a Redshift Cluster, prepare each server, and develop or provide BI tools.

Benefits of leveraging Amazon Redshift
  • You can use existing BI tools and SQL-based queries to process data on a scale that cannot be supported via existing RDBMS and batch processing techniques.
  • Access and application logs can be compiled and statistically processed quickly (3-10 times faster compared to a Hadoop environment).
  • Because processing time is shortened, it is possible to revisit previously abandoned analysis techniques or create brand new ones.
  • Due to Redshift’s flexibility, you can adjust the performance of your Redshift Cluster to fit your criteria including the volume of data, resulting processing time, and complexity of the query.
  • Redshift is operated by Amazon Web Services, Inc., freeing clients from the hassles of owning, operating, and performing maintenance on hardware.

Achieve Big Data analysis at low cost

Amazon Redshift achieves Big Data analysis at a low price that was, until now, unimaginable.
Of course, when examining cost comparisons to data warehouse appliance equipment for Big Data, such as Netezza and Vertica, or even relatively inexpensive solutions such as Hadoop, it is possible to reduce costs to a mere fraction. In addition, Redshift has absolutely no initial introductory costs.

Introduction to Amazon Redshift Video
Examples of systems utilizing Redshift
  • - System that analyzes user trends in a social game
  • - System that analyzes various logs related to Internet advertising (impressions, clicks, etc.) and provides recommendations
  • - System that analyzes access logs of a large-scale website
  • - Speeding up existing batch processing that began to take more time due to an increase in the volume of data
Amazon Redshift track record
  • - Social game access log analysis