Cloud Server

“Swell Cloud - Cloud Server” is a service based on our accumulated knowledge and experience from managing multi-million user smartphone applications, such as Akinator and WaZapp.

We take our experience with processing thousands of queries per second and dealing with sudden, dramatic increases in traffic (such as a 200-fold increase, compared with average traffic flow) and apply that knowledge to AWS (Amazon Web Services) EC2 in order to provide services from integration consultation, to operation and maintenance support.

Instead of exhausting resources (technical, manpower, cost, etc.) to deal with various server infrastructure issues― selection of a server environment, procurement, implementation, and operation― this service makes it possible to open up more resources to focus on developing and growing your business and applications.

Swell Cloud

By using “Swell Cloud”, clients are able to avoid the numerous hassles involved with investing in infrastructure, while also maximizing revenue opportunities. We are able to determine and provide the best service to fit our clients’ needs as an infrastructure partner.

Usage Diagram

Swell Cloud supports cloud computing services, including, but not limited to, Amazon Web Services.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud computing service that has been offered by Amazon Web Services, Inc., since July of 2002.

With an initial startup cost of 0 yen, and very affordable monthly fees, it is possible to take advantage of the equivalent of a dedicated server by virtualizing the hardware, networking systems, and data center. With several data centers located all over the world and various server features and specifications available, we help you select the service that will best suit the needs of your service.

In addition, as a pioneer in the age of cloud computing, the features and performance provided by AWS are far and away above the competition, with the added ability to also quickly and effortlessly extend your server environment to match the growth of your business.

Issues resolved by Swell Cloud

When using Swell Cloud, the ability to review the cost at any time, speedy support, and the ability to reduce operational load are all implemented for your convenience.

Issue Resolution

Operational costs never reduced

Even for some hosting services with required startup fees and a minimum contract duration, the ability to suspend additional server resources when they become unnecessary is not an option.


Use just enough, only when needed

Resources can be adjusted according to changes in revenue, budget constraints, and server access load easily, and at any time.

Lead time until service starts

Procuring a server takes time. Opportunities and profits may both be lost while you wait.


Start and stop usage as necessary

When sudden, limited time business opportunities arise, you can take action immediately and make adjustments during the cost reduction phase.

Complex investment in server infrastructure

Without the required technical expertise and sufficient human resources, handling the highly complex implementation, procurement and maintenance of hardware, instances of power failure trouble, and selection of a data center is essentially impossible.


Infrastructure essentially outsourced

Free from the complexities of investing in server infrastructure. AWS’s stable environment and Swell Cloud’s expertise are available to take advantage of.

Challenging investment decisions

Without already having the required facilities and equipment, planning is required to invest in dedicated server solutions, which can be very challenging and costly. Even with careful planning, sudden increases in traffic can not be planned for.


Investment decisions tailored to your business

Possible to make reasonable investment decisions with respect to the current state of your business. Proactive investment decisions can be made by monitoring your services in real-time.

  • *Amazon EC2An abbreviation for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. This term refers to a virtual server service running on top of Amazon Web Services, Inc.'s large server farm. These virtual servers are generally equivalent to a dedicated server, and can run on almost any server OS, with the user being able to freely use those functions as desired.
  • *EBSAn abbreviation for Elastic Block Store. This refers to disk space that persists even when the server is shut down. It is generally equivalent to a “hard disk” in a dedicated server setting. In addition to EBS, storage per server instance is also available, but this data is not persisted when the server instance is shut down, and thus, not generally suitable for general use.
  • *EIPAn abbreviation for Elastic IP. This is a fixed global IP address granted to a virtual server as an optional setting. If this option is not set, the global IP address of the virtual server changes each time the virtual server is started.
  • *ELBAn abbreviation for Elastic Load Balancing. This is a service for load-balancing multiple virtual servers. It is used to mitigate the risk of a virtual server failing, and to maintain the smooth operation of a Web server experiencing high loads.

Swell Cloud Service Pricing Options - Server

  • T1-1-MICRO
  • G1-1-SMALL
  • G1-2-MEDIUM
  • G1-4-LARGE
  • C1-2-SMALL
  • C1-4-MEDIUM
  • C1-8-LARGE
  • M1-2-SMALL
  • M1-4-MEDIUM
  • M1-8-LARGE

Swell Cloud Service Pricing Options - Database

  • DB1-1-SMALL
  • DB1-1-SMALL-HA
  • DB1-2-MEDIUM
  • DB1-2-LARGE
  • DB1-2-LARGE-HA
  • DB1-4-MEDIUM
  • DB1-4-LARGE
  • DB1-4-LARGE-HA